Three Years of Christmas Cards

It's almost December 1st, so it's about that time to mail your Christmas cards! Once Lizzy was born, I stopped making my own stamped, layered cards to purchase photo cards. I love sending a visual update of us to our friends and family every year. While researching the multitudes of companies that offer them, I came across Minted.

This is what our past three years of Christmas cards look like! Every year, I have loved our card even more than the previous one. Today is the first day of the Minted Black Friday sale, which runs through Friday 11/27, and offers 15% off your purchase, so I'm here to tell you three reasons why you should take advantage of this great deal to order your cards from Minted!

1. No matter what style you like for your cards, Minted has something for you. From clean and graphic, to whimsical, they have you covered. Plus, there are fantastic options created by independent artists in both foiled and flat designs. Don't want to send Christmas cards? No problem. You can choose more general holiday cards or even New Years cards instead.

2. The quality of the cards are amazing. The thickness and texture of the paper is great, and the colors are spot on to what you see on your screen. They actually feel much more expensive than what you pay for them. (That is, if you're a sucker for stationery, like me.)

3. The Minted website makes it so super easy to choose a card that is perfect for you. When you set up a profile, you can upload your photos and see multiple options on your screen. I especially love all of the different filter options, especially the one that allows you to choose where your greeting appears on the card front.

Once you select a card design, you can customize it and save it, so that you can compare all of your favorites side-by-side. How easy is that?

I have been so impressed with Minted's quality and service, that I just keep going back to them each year. Do you take a while to decide? Not to worry! You can opt not to receive a digital proof, which takes a few days off your order. I just made sure that everything was spelled correctly on the screen and chose "express service," which also saved $10 off my order. I ordered my cards on Sunday evening and they arrived on Thursday afternoon. 

Be sure to order your cards between 11/25 and 11/27 to receive 15% off your order with no minimum purchase, or 20% off your order of $150+. No code needed! 

Check out the past designs that I've chosen here: 

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links, as I am an affiliate for I have not been paid by Minted, and every order placed has been paid fully by myself, with no special discounts. I just like to share products and companies that I love with others! By clicking on these links, you will not be paying any more, but a small percentage of your purchase will go towards this blog. If you order, and love your Minted experience, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks!